The Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing Your Employees

If you own a business, you may be debating whether or not you should drug test your employees and/or drug test potential employees who non-dotyou are considering hiring. Learning the pros and cons of doing so will help you decide which is the better option for you. Here are a few of those pros and cons.

Cons of Drug Testing Your Employees:

It Can be Costly
One of the downsides of drug testing all your employees is that it can be costly. As a small business, you may not have the extra money to pay for this. And as a large business, it can get pricey fast having each and every potential employee tested. When you are thinking about drug testing your employees, you will want to work with the same company, as they often offer discounts for companies that do business with them often. Also, consider whether you prefer urine or hair tests. They have pros and cons associated with them, but urine tends to be cheaper than hair drug tests.

Some Employees Feel it Invades Their Privacy
Another downside is some employees will not work for a company that has them drug tested, even if they are not users. They feel it invades their privacy and they do not want to give a sample of their urine or hair. As such, you can miss out on a great employee if you come across employees who value their privacy over your right to drug test.

The Laws Regarding Marijuana Use a Murky
The last downside to drug testing your employees is that the most commonly found drug detected during a drug test is marijuana. However, using marijuana is currently against the federal law, but may be legal based on state law. Because of this conflict, it is unclear if you can fire employees who are smoking marijuana in their free time. If you do so, they may be able to file a wrongful termination suit against you.

Pros of Drug Testing Your Employees:

You Can Avoid Hiring Drug Users
The biggest benefit to drug testing your employees is that you avoid hiring drug users. Drug users can be unreliable, have mood swings and may steal from your business. Many have a difficult time holding down a job as they lose track of time. You likely don’t have time to hire an employee, train them and then have to let them go because they stopped showing up or were constantly late. Drug testing potential employees helps you to avoid this outcome.

It May Help Reduce Your Business Auto Insurance Rates
If your employees drive company cars as part of their job, you may be able to get a reduction in your business auto insurance rates if you can prove to the insurance company that you drug screen employees operating the cars on a regular basis. This is because the insurance company’s liability is reduced if the person driving is not impaired in any way. As such, the auto insurance rate reduction may help to offset the increased cost of drug testing each and every employee, making it more feasible for your business.

It Can Help Reduce Your Business Liability
The last benefit to drug testing employees is that it reduces liability to your business. If a drug user is employed at your business, and they are experiencing a mood swing, they may lash out at a customer or become violent. Or they may drive impaired and hit someone while conducting company business. Or they may do something stupid in your warehouse and injure a co-worker. In any case, a lawsuit can be brought against your business for their actions. It is your responsibility to ensure your employees are acting in a reasonable manner when they are employed by you and on the clock. If you fail to make this happen, you are the one who can be sued and it can financially hurt your business or cause you financial ruin.

If you are interested in obtaining pre-employment drug testing or both pre-employment and random drug testing, click here. We can help you learn more about drug testing and help you ensure your employees have a clean and safe lab to visit when submitting a sample.

Ways Of Passing A Hair Test Easily

A hair test is one of the most dreaded drug tests. It is commonly used for testing Marijuana usage. The fact that the drugs linger in a user’s hair for up to 90 days makes the test a hard one to pass. However, there are several ways through which one can easily pass the test. There is no need to lose that employment opportunity. All that one has to do is apply one or more tricks that this article discusses.

Shaving It Off

A clinician has to use hair follicles when conducting a hair test. However, there is no hair sample that is available when one shaves off. This is a trick that leads to suspicion, but hair that grows after 5 days comes out clean. Therefore, people should ensure that they shave their hair 5 days before attending the test.

Detox Shampoos

A drug user can apply special shampoos in order to clean chemicals off the hair. Notably, not all shampoos can manage to do the cleaning, but one should specifically look for drug-cleaning shampoos. The market has several types of these shampoos, and it is easy to find them when you go for shopping. Regardless of their prices, the shampoos can effectively clean the hair and enable one to pass the test.

Quit Drugs

It is notable that some drugs stay on the hair for over 90 days. When a test is looming, a drug user should quit using drugs, in order to come out clean. Quitting drugs cannot be compared with losing a lifetime opportunity since the latter is more inconveniencing. Therefore, one should make a well-calculated move to stop using the drugs in good time before attending the test.

Vinegar Rinseapple-cider-vinegar-hair-rinse-600x325

Vinegar has a wide array of uses, and one of the uses is to help people in passing a hair follicle test. When using vinegar, one has to apply it and leave the hair to soak in it for up to 15 minutes. You should then perform a salicylic acid treatment of acne before washing off the vinegar, and allow the hair to soak in the solution for 30 minutes. The next step is to wash the hair with a liquid detergent. The back of the head should be the focal point of washing. Lastly, one can use a hair dye and the hair conditioner that the dye kit contains. This process helps in cleaning drugs off the hair, and it can be repeated when necessary.

Commercial products

The internet is full of products that can wash drugs off the hair. All that one needs to do is to browse and place an order for them. However, one should be cautious when using the commercial products since some of them can be useless, and one can end up losing money. It is upon the buyer to conduct a research on the authenticity of the products before buying them. Sometimes, a referral from someone who has ever used the products effectively yields great results.

Mud Cleansers

Some mud cleansers usually work effectively when one intends to clean drugs off the hair. One should have the correct information about the type of the mud that works in the hair cleaning. The application of mud only creates a mask on the hair follicles, rather than cleaning the drugs off the hair.

Avoid Bleaches

Sometimes one can act from misleading information that recommends the use of bleaches. There is a lot of suspicions that emanates from bleached hair, and one can get under intense screening after walking into a testing area with bleached hair. Lemon and other bleaching agents do not have the capacity to clean drugs off the hair. It is for this reason that people should carry out an in-depth research on homemade solutions that work when they intend to clean off their hair.


Failing a hair test can make you lose an employment opportunity. You can also face some serious legal consequences. This factor makes cleaning the drugs off the hair an important process that needs a high level of concentration. Sometimes one does not have the luxury of time when attending a hair test, but there are several ways to beat the test and seize the much needed moment of time.

A Sure Way Of Passing Drug Tests

Passing drug tests is critical for individuals in professions like sports, medicine, or law. This will help them to keep their jobs and reputation. To ensure that you always beat the test, you need to learn how to clear your system before the test is administered.

One Month before the Test

If you are going to be tested in about four weeks, you could naturally get rid of any drugs that might be in your system. First, avoid using any illegal substances during that period of time. Drink lots of water to dilute and flush out the toxins. Consuming fibers such as grains and peanuts and leafy greens will also help detoxify your system. Here are some things that you could also do at that time:

  • Keep your surroundings toxin free: If you live near someone who smokes marijuana, avoid them as some could enter your system. Also, rid your house of any drugs that could tempt you. This is particularly important if you are an addict or not very good at self-discipline.
  • Drink water throughout the day: Within that month, ensure that you drink at least two liters of water throughout the day. You shouldn’t do this at once; take small sips during the day. You should, however, not consume the water a day before the drug to allow your system to re-establish important markers that drug tests check to find out if you are actively trying to beat the test.
  • Stay active: Passing drug tests is easier for people who engage in intensive exercises. Aerobic workouts such as running and jogging will help get rid of any toxins in your system which are eliminated through sweat. You could also increase physical activity by using stairs instead of an escalator and walking instead of driving. Again, you shouldn’t do this a day before the test.

What to Do Is You Will Be In A Weekpass_a_drug_test

Detox products are helpful in passing drug tests that are administered in the short term. You could access several technologies that help clear out the system. They typically consist of a pre-cleanse formula, a herbal supplement, recommended detox diet as well as an instruction manual. A home test kit is also included to help you keep track of your progress. If you have 10 days, you can use a system that is designed to work for that duration of time. The cleansing product’s ingredients will ensure that you pass the drug test. If you have a lot of drugs in your body, pick a cleanser that can quickly break down and get rid of the toxins. Some can work for 90 minutes and lasts for around six hours. After using detox products, passing drug tests should be a breeze.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

If you are trying to beat a drug test, it is important to regularly test yourself at home using a kit designed for home use. These will help you understand the time it takes to get rid of drugs from your system if you are in a similar situation. You can purchase the kits online or from a local drugs store.

Impromptu Tests

If you do not have time to clear out your system, buy a fake penis with artificial urine to go with it. Then keep it on your desk to use when you are asked to take a drug test without prior warning. They come in a variety of colors such as peach pink to black. Not only are such penises realistic, they also warm up fake urine to the temperature of real urine. Its straps will allow you to secure it to your body to slowly heat up the urine to body temperature.


The best way to pass a drug test is not to take drugs in the first place. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if you still fail the test. Some people don’t beat drug tests even when they are clean, as over the counter medication and some foods can show up as illegal drugs in a urine test. If you have taken prescription drugs, let the person administering test know. You can also conduct research to find out what foods to avoid if you want to pass a drug test.

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